The Branding package for RE/MAX Agents . What an awesome gift!

Here's a simple way to dramatically boost the size of commission payments for someone who is a RE/MAX Associate.

There Will Be A Difference...

What's that?

Just this: You will polish off that elegant appearance of with a RE/MAX lapel pin. File folders will be emblazoned with the RE/MAX logo. Pens will all boast the RE/MAX imprint. Keychain will dangle with the RE/MAX design.

Every accessory you could possibly use in presentations will glaringly display the RE/MAX logo or slogan!

And what will the prospects think ?

She will say, "Wow! This individual oozes excellence! A true go-getter!"


It will give the ammunition to bullet-proof credibility... to reinforce the RE/MAX brand identity... and to provide the framing of excellence prospects need to see.

In the Pak you will get:

50 RE/MAX Presentation Portfolios
AND 50 RE/MAX NOTE CARDS [ Value: $189.40 ]

Hand your prospects one of these folders and they will feel the richness of texture between their fingers.

They will make all your presentations memorable-impactful-classy!-all without blowing your budget!

These presentation folders display the prestigious RE/MAX balloon in full color surrounded by blue skies and clouds, with the influential slogan "Outstanding Agents, Outstanding Results".

2 inside glued pockets ensure documents stay secure. You can personalize these folders by inserting your business card in the RE/MAX folders.

Why not brand yourself, increase your credibility and increase sales with these inexpensive folders?



AND RE/MAX PEN [ Value: $111.90 ]

Show your prospects how successful your RE/MAX business is by using this quality RE/MAX-embossed leather briefcase.

Expressly made for the legal profession in mind, this beautifully crafted, sophisticated, brown leather briefcase exudes class and professionalism.

This fine briefcase-- and the associated quality RE/MAX pen-- is another excellent way to brand your RE/MAX business... the "I'm-a-winner" image you project with this case could definitely be the crucial factor that clinches the deal!


6 ASSORTED RE/MAX LAPEL PINS [ Value: $47.70 ]

Even a seemingly simple item like a RE/MAX lapel pin can make the difference between obtaining and not obtaining that next big transaction.

Remember - it is all about reminding prospects that you are connected to one of the most powerful brands in real estate and in turn, doing business with you will achieve results.

Also, great conversation starters, these quality RE-MAX lapel pins are a must-have item.

These pins are without a doubt a great branding tool that will help you get the results you desire.

Look at them... just think how they will glint under the lights of a conference room or office... how they will shimmer and glare once the Sun catches them at an angle.

Top one of these pins off in your appearance and the prospect can think you less than the ultimate picture of success!

Let's recap, what you get or present as a gift for a RE/MAX Associate:

  • Briefcase 89.95
  • Note Cards 39.90
  • Lapel Pins 47.70
  • Presentation Folders 149.50
  • RE/MAX Pen 21.95
Altogether, these three components come up to $349.00... but as a special marketing test I'm doing YOU'LL GET EVERYTHING FOR JUST $199!

But that's not all...

Say "Yes" Today, And I'll Rush You
These Two Fast-Response Bonuses

Keep them for yourself or gift them,

Fast-Response Bonus: A FREE coupon for $50 OFF an order of RE/MAX Custom Metal Balloon Key Tags! With a full-colour metal casting of the RE/MAX balloon logo on one side and your personalized imprint on the other side this is sure to impress your clients and keep your contact information handy! The result? More prospects and sales for you!

Now, it's all up to you.

You can simply say "YES"

Are you with that?

.... there is no way to lose with this offer...

...there's only one rational thing to do next:


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Yours For a fantastic Christmas,
Bill Rodger.

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